Arasys Inch-loss Treatments


How the Waist was Won
Channel 10 news was the first to report the dramatic results on Arasys inch loss, body lift and body building. Millions of women undermine their health with diet pills, starve themselves or undergo plastic surgery that leaves them scarred for life to look slimmer. Arasys offers a fast painless alternative to slimmer, more toned body. Arasys is the jewel of the London University Cellular Resonance Technology. This machine was developed by the co-inventor of the pacemaker, Gerry Pollock, at London University.  This effortless fitness technology was originally invented by the co-inventor of the first pacemaker, Gerry Pollock to treat Multiple Sclerosia and muscle atrophy. The Arasys formula comprises a multiplicity of frequencies into waveform that resonates with the brain signal given to the nerve in charge of the muscle during physical exercise.

 For example, the body resistance to a 40 pound weight that one is lifting is calculated by the brain. The brain sends a signal to the muscle via the nervous system informing the muscle of the effort required to lift the weight. After 17 years of research, Arasys’ technology has decoded the brain signal and increases or decreases the value of the body resistance by increasing or decreasing the voltage from 1 to 10. In other words, this whole process of weight lifting is re-enacted by the Arasys signal without weights or body effort of any movement at all.

There is no gym burnout since the Arasys procedure does not require glucose, which is normally utilized during physical exercise – an important benefit because the body burns the surrounding fat cells without decreasing glucose levels. This prevents significant build up of lactic acid. Arasys naturally increases metabolic rate to initiate weight loss, and is perfect for spot training to target trouble areas that cannot be conquered with standard exercise. The enhanced detoxification and blood circulation achieved during the Arasys treatment leaves you with an overall sense of well-being. Everyone can use the Arasys except patients with a pacemaker or grand mal epilepsy. Arasys has no side effects!!!   The Arasys can be placed ANYWHERE on the body that needs attention.

Pregnancy is followed by breast tissue loss and drooping, abdominal stretching of muscle and skin, and local collections of fat. Until recently, the main two solutions to these problems were several weeks or months of an exercise regime or plastic surgery. But moms with newborns usually have no time to go to the gym. And a lot of people avoid plastic surgery because of all the dangers involved in surgery, the side effects or the expense. The Arasys was brought into the field of cosmetics by midwives who wanted to help their clients to lose the baby fat. Soon after, a number of gynecologists implemented Arasys in their practice. Similar results can be obtained by using the Arasys after the liposuction procedure for muscle tightening and skin toning.

Arasys Inchloss Treatments (includes 2 areas):   




5- $460


Buy a package of 10 and receive 1 extra free treatment and a free spray tan

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Treatments are 40 minutes long