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Arasys is the jewel of the London University Cellular Resonance Technology, Developed by the co-inventor of the pacemaker, Gerry Pollock, at London University, Arasys Effortless Fitness technology was originally invented to treat Multiple Sclerosis and muscle atrophy. The Arasys formula comprises a multiplicity of frequencies into waveform that resonates with the brain signal given to the nerve in charge of the muscle during physical exercise.

For example, the body resistance to a 40 pound weight that one is lifting is calculated by the brain. The brain sends a signal to the muscle via the nervous system informing the muscle of the effort required to life the weight. After 17 years of research, Arasys' technology has decoded the brain signal and increases or decreases the value of the body resistance by increasing or decreasing the voltage from 1 to 10. In other words, this whole process of weight lifting is re-enacted by the Arasys signal without weights or body effort of any movement at all. Everyone can use the Arasys except patients with a pacemaker or grand mal epilepsy. Arasys has no side effects.

Fighting the flab without sweat.

Pregnancy is followed by breast tissue loss and drooping, abdominal stretching of muscle and skin, and local collections of fat. Until recently, the main two solutions to these problems were several weeks or months of an exercise regime or plastic surgery.

But moms with newborns usually have no time to go to the gym. And a lot of people avoid plastic surgery because of all the dangers involved in surgery, the side effects or the expense. The Arasys was brought into the field of cosmetics by midwives who wanted to help their clients to lose the baby fat. Soon after, a number of gynecologists implemented Arasys in their practice.


Perfector face lift results:

Perfector give an instant lift, wrinkles are erased in minutes, discolorations fade, acne and scars improve in two to three treatments. A pervasive effect seen with the Perfector but no other technologies is an overall freshness and glow. The skin is thicker, plumper, and younger. Results appear to be irreversible in that you never seem to go back looking like you did before you started treatments. With repeated treatments the aging process is significantly delayed. Youthfulness attained by using the Perfector is not only skin deep. It looks and feels genuine. Our intense training is geared toward tailored Perfector treatments with respect to the individual differences depending on lifestyle and degree of sun damage. Each individual requires their own program combinations and number of treatments (5-7 on the average). It is like taking antibiotics – you need a certain dosage to complete the process. Perfector automatically adjusts itself to different skin types and colors to tailor treatments. Perfector's greatest advantage is the long term results. With other techniques there is an eventual degeneration. You can laser your skin so many times before it is too much. You can have plastic surgery so many times before results start looking unnatural. However, the more Perfector treatments you receive, the better the result. Continuing Perfector refreshing treatments will give you youthful skin defying the aging process. How is the Perfector different then other devices? Why is it that the Perfector resuls are accumulative and last longer than any other micro-current procedure? Firstly, the Perfector has four nano-current programs (one over a billionth of an ampere). Due to its miniscule size nano-current can be better absorbed and utilized by the skin. Secondly, the Perfector's high definition signal and complex waveforms resonate, clicking with the biological system like a key to its lock.

Who uses the Perfector?

Anti-aging Doctors for face lifts and skin rejuvenation. Plastic Surgeons to build the thin tissue under the eyes and reduce scarring after surgery. Dermatologists to treat acne, sun damage, melasma, rosacea, pregnancy masks and pigmentations. Spas to enhance skin vitality and freshness, face sculpting, detoxification, firming. The Perfector also reduces dark circles and puffiness.