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Hair Extensions

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Real Human Hair: so you can curl them, straighten them, scrunch then, and color them.

They are applied by tape. Now, I have tried all the extensions out there and this is by far the healthiest application (in my opinion) for your hair! With a full head of extensions, I have had 100% of my clients so far see the growth in their own hair with the aid of these extensions. The extensions have a strong hold, they are light, and you don't even feel them on your head! It takes about 1 minute to 1.5 hours to apply and blend, depending on the amount of hair you want applied.

PERKS! They do have a natural wave to blend in with those that have natural curly hair. They can also add in curl to those who have naturally straight hair! You can also use the 2-tone method if you would like a weave affect in your hair. Use for length, fullness, or just an accent... Either way you are going to look HOT! You will "not want to live with-out them" as all my clients say after trying them. NEW NEON COLORS! Ocean blue, turquoise, lavender, purple, pink and red!!! CRAZY COOL!